Welcome to Zoe Md.

ZoeMD is a private medical practice that specializes in the delivering of out patient medical care.

Our physician is Board certified in Internal Medicine with many years of experience and treats diverse medical problems including Diabetes, thyroid Disorder, infections, GI problems, blood disorders , neurological, rheumatological, cardiac and pulmonary conditions.

We refer patients for subspecialty care when indicated.

The Model of this practice is designed in such a way as to remove barriers in the the physician-patient relationship.

The practice relies on a direct pay model whereby patients pay the physician at the time service is rendered.

There are 4 payment plans that patients can choose from depending on their financial strength. There is a plan for everyone, irrespective of where you fall On the financial scale.

If a patient has insurance, they can opt to be seen in this program. They will be given a superbill at the end of the appointments, to file for reimbursement with their insurance company.